Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trip Day Two

Day two was Easter and we were at the Porter's house.  It was a lot of fun, we woke up early and went down stairs to find our Easter Baskets.  Once we found them we opened them up and looked at all of our stuff that we got.  We then got ready for Church and went to Church.  We went to Sacrament Meeting a then my Brothers went to primary and I went to Sunday School and then to Young Woman's.  We then came home and had Easter Dinner.  We then colored eggs and had Easter egg Hunts.  After all of it was done my family and I drove to L.A. to our Hotel and went to Dinner.  We saw the Oelrich's on our way to dinner and said hi to them.  We then went back to the Hotel and went to bed to get ready for a big day at DISNEY LAND!!!!!!!!!
Coloring eggs at the Porter's.
Easter Morning with our Easter baskets.  Me, Garrett, Zachary, Madison(on the couch), Allison(behind me).