Saturday, August 29, 2009

ok so I havent posted forever cause summer has been super buisy.  So here is an update on my life.  So at the beginning of the summer as I told you I made the cheerleading team.  It is very fun and hard because I am the flyer.  I have been learning a lot and have been having an awsome time.  My family and I then went to lake powell and then to beaver where I ran a 5k with my cousin lindsey, aunt, uncle, and my parents.  I was really fun and I ran it in 28 minutes!!!!  So then I had girls camp and it is always a blast.  It is very spiritual there and we got the oportunity to go on a canoe hike.  We got to have our own testimony meeting and that was an amazing experiance to hear almost every single girl in our group give their testimony.  I also got the oportunity to give mine and that was a great experiance for me. 
  I started school two weeks ago and it  is great.  The High School campus is really big!!!!!!  The first day I thought I would get lost.  I made it to all my classes ok and have had a great time.  I also started seminary and though it makes me tired I am haveing a lot of fun and really like it!!