Friday, January 23, 2009


So the coolest thing happened a week ago.  My gymnastics team and I got to perform at a BYU, San Jose State, and UC Davis gymnastics meet!!!!!!!!!  It was a ton of fun.  We first got to watch the meet and then while they were adding up the scores we got to perform, we did a routine that one of our coaches made for us.  After we performed and a little before we even got to meet some of  the girls on the BYU Gymnastics team!!!!!!!!!!!  A few of us went to BYU Gymnastics Camp and some of the gymnasts were the coaches and so it was cool to see them again.  We got to take pictures with them too!!!!!
This is me and two girls on my team with Whitney from BYU.  It was cool to see her again. We also saw and gave hugs to Megan but we didn't get a picture but we got to talk to her for a little bit.  We saw some other gymnasts and gave high fives to them and hugs.  
 This is us with the coaches of the BYU Gymnastics Team.  They were super nice and they were talking to us and giving us hugs.  It was a Super cool experience.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I made the volleyball team!!!!!!!! We had our first game today and won!!!!!!!! It was against a hard team but we ended up winning!!!!!!!  I have been having a great time on the team practicing and today playing in our first game.  I plat Libero so I can only play back row but I can play for two people.  It is really fun.