Saturday, August 29, 2009

ok so I havent posted forever cause summer has been super buisy.  So here is an update on my life.  So at the beginning of the summer as I told you I made the cheerleading team.  It is very fun and hard because I am the flyer.  I have been learning a lot and have been having an awsome time.  My family and I then went to lake powell and then to beaver where I ran a 5k with my cousin lindsey, aunt, uncle, and my parents.  I was really fun and I ran it in 28 minutes!!!!  So then I had girls camp and it is always a blast.  It is very spiritual there and we got the oportunity to go on a canoe hike.  We got to have our own testimony meeting and that was an amazing experiance to hear almost every single girl in our group give their testimony.  I also got the oportunity to give mine and that was a great experiance for me. 
  I started school two weeks ago and it  is great.  The High School campus is really big!!!!!!  The first day I thought I would get lost.  I made it to all my classes ok and have had a great time.  I also started seminary and though it makes me tired I am haveing a lot of fun and really like it!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

pictures look at the last message for the actual reading part

see how reef is climbing up to the side that is where they wouldstand and dance lol

getting on the boat:)
waiting to board 
going down the slide
getting tan lol:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ok sorry I haven't posted about the rest of our trip yet, every time i try to put pictures in it wont work so I guess I will just have to write about it. So next we went on an amazing 3-4 day cruise. We first had to get our luggage taken by a man to put it on the boat. Then they took our picture and we had to go in and get a number to board the boat in. I think we got a number two but the Sowards got a number one. We ended up finding a number one on the floor and just going with the number ones. We got on and went to the pool of course. We went down the water slide, went in the hot tub, and layed out in the sun. Next, it was time for a drill, we had to go to a room and learn what to do in case of an emergancy and then go to our assigned areas. When that was done we went to dinner. I really like the dinners on the cruise because you can order WHATEVER you want and you could order 10 different main coarses if you wanted(no one could eat all of that but you still could do it if you wanted to):) You sit at a table all nice and pretty with folded napkins and everything. BUT, the first thing my brothers and the Sowards boys do is out the napkins on their heads and wear them as hats lol:) I got lasagnia and it was super good but I sttarted to feel sick so I couldn't eat it all:( After dinner we took all of the kids to kids club and I went to my room because I didn't feel very good. THAT WAS ONLY DAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day we woke up and went to breakfast. It was a sea day so all of the kids went to kids club. I am too old for it so I stayed with my parents and Mercedes stayed with me for part of the time and went to kids club another part. I played volleyball with my Dad hung out by the pool at lunch while watching Brock and Reef stand on the side of the hot tub and dance. They were so funny they would shake their hips and then all of the waiter people would laugh and watch them. We then had to go get ready for formal night. We then took a ton of pictures at the different sceneries and then went to dinner. I was feeling WAY better today and ate a great dinner and had a warm chocolate melting cake for desert they are the best things EVER!!!!!!!!! We then went and took the kids to kids camp and went to the show it was good and we had a lot of fun. The next day we went to Ensanada, Mexico. There we went horsebackriding on the beach. It was an amasing experience. So what happened was the giude would come up behind us and make our horses start running. it was super fun. So my Mom was like give me your wildest horse I grew up on a farm and stuff so she is riding withbrock on the back of a horseon no saddle with this big bag and Brock wants to start running so they go and all the sudden my mom starts bouncing an bounces right off the side of the horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The horse darts off with brock still on it and alll the sudden all of us see a red sweatshirt flying across the beach on this horse. Brock finally stops it and my mom had to take the walk of shame back to her horse:) haahahahahahaha all of us were laughing really hard and Brock was on my dads horse freaked out.We then went back to the ship and watched part of the wierdest contest I have ever heard of it was called the guy with the hairiest chest eewww.... It was wierd lol We spent a lot of time by the pool and ine of the best things was the hipmotist. It was a great trip and I want to go on another Cruise soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. sorry for the super long post with no pictures I will have to see if the pictures will work and I can post them later.

Saturday, June 13, 2009



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trip Day Two

Day two was Easter and we were at the Porter's house.  It was a lot of fun, we woke up early and went down stairs to find our Easter Baskets.  Once we found them we opened them up and looked at all of our stuff that we got.  We then got ready for Church and went to Church.  We went to Sacrament Meeting a then my Brothers went to primary and I went to Sunday School and then to Young Woman's.  We then came home and had Easter Dinner.  We then colored eggs and had Easter egg Hunts.  After all of it was done my family and I drove to L.A. to our Hotel and went to Dinner.  We saw the Oelrich's on our way to dinner and said hi to them.  We then went back to the Hotel and went to bed to get ready for a big day at DISNEY LAND!!!!!!!!!
Coloring eggs at the Porter's.
Easter Morning with our Easter baskets.  Me, Garrett, Zachary, Madison(on the couch), Allison(behind me).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip day one

So my family and I went on a big trip over spring break and it was really fun!!!!!!!!! I am going to make posts about each day because we did a lot and I want to put everything.

so day one was our flight we woke up and got everything together and then were off to the airport. our light was I think at 2 or sometime around there. After we got on the plane we sat in our seats and waited for the flight to take off. We had the coolest flight attendants ever!!!!!!! So she told us instead of passing out peanuts while we took off she was just going to dump them in the walk way and you had to bend down and grab them!!!!!!!! It was sssoooo fun!!!!!!!!!!! Then at the end of the flight they got a roll of toilet paper and unrolled it until it was about three-fourths of the way down the middle of the plane and then they tore it off and put the end in the toilet, flushed the toilet and the toilet paper flew across the plane so fast it was crazy!!!!!!!! I wouldn't want to fall in that toilet!!!!! Anyways so we got off the plane and went to the porters house. At their house we hung out and then Justin and I babysat while the adults went to dinner. It was a lot of fun to see all of the Porters again. So that is all for that day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

One of our first times at the Cabin Shae and I were wondering if we could take pictures in the air so we set a timer on my camera and took some.
                                          This was the first one.  It didn't turn out so well.
Getting better

Hey we finally got it:)

Haha this one was funny if you click on it my face looks scary haha but the picture looks cool.

This one looked cool.